House Rules Suggestions

Food ~ Shopping ~ Household Supplies

  • Will you buy all your own food or will some food costs be shared?

  • Is borrowing food acceptable?

  • Section off the fridges to allow everyone space

  • Household supplies such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, dish soap, etc. how will you divide


Cleanliness ~ Cleaning Responsibilities

  • There should be a well established rotating Cleaning schedule for all common areas

  • Everyone should participate weekly in cleaning

  • Vacuuming, washing floors, taking out the garbage, dusting, tidying up the common rooms, cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, etc are jobs that all need to be done weekly. Decide on a schedule and stick to it = Happy Roommates


Common areas & Personal Property

  • Ask before you borrow personal items (stereo, television, appliances such as a hairdryer or curling iron, clothing, computer) 

  • Decide if roommates are allowed to use personal items when the owner is not there?



Study Hours & Sleeping

  • Set a reasonable time for common areas to be quiet during the week & on the weekends

  • Decide on an acceptable noise level in common areas & bedrooms



Guests & Visitors

There is a NO GUEST policy at the house put into place so that a guest does not overstay their welcome and then become a non paying tenant.  Therefore, we have put this policy in place.  However, the Landlords do not have a problem if you get permission from the other tenants to have a friend stay overnight or for the weekend if they are from out of town. You will need to decide among yourselves what is acceptable. 


Parties & Entertaining

  • This is not a party house, however you are allowed to invite friends over - be respectful of your roommates 

  • Notify them in advance if you plan on having friends over

  • Decide on a maximum amount of people

  • Are there specific times or days when having friends over should not be allowed? EX: not during exam weeks

  • The Host should be responsible for the clean up after the friends come over

Be respectful of your roommates Political, Religious and Social Viewpoints